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The 2015 Bisbee Film Festival!

Critically Acclaimed, Diverse Films to Screen at Bisbee Film Festival

Bisbee Film Festival 2015NOV 18 – 22, 2015, historic Bisbee, AZ will be the site of the Second Annual Bisbee Film Festival: One People One Planet. Twelve films will be shown, including features from Germany, India/UK and the US, works-in-progress, and University of Arizona student shorts. The curated festival offers free admission. Festival presenters are the University of Arizona Hanson Film Institute and Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum.

Highlights from this year’s slate of films include 3½ MINUTES, TEN BULLETS (a documentary about the Jacksonville, FL killing of a black youth by a white man), ALMOST THERE (a coming-of-old-age story about an “outsider” artist), FORBIDDEN CITY USA (story of the first all-Chinese nightclub in pre-WWII San Francisco), INDIA’s DAUGHTER (documentary about a gang rape; the film is banned in India), LAS MARTHAS (a debutante ball for Mexican-American girls, dressed in colonial costumes), OF GIRLS AND HORSES (a gently paced coming-of-age story), STRAY DOG (profile of a Vietnam vet, biker and family man), A POEM IS A NAKED PERSON (Les Blank’s documentary about Leon Russell), STREIT’S: MATZO AND THE AMERICAN DREAM (the only U.S. family-owned matzo business trying to survive on NYC’s Lower East Side) and THIS AIN’T NO MOUSE MUSIC (the journey of Chris Strachwitz, chronicler of American roots music).

Filmmakers who will be on-hand for Q&As after screenings include Harrod BlankChristina Ibarra, Maureen Gosling and Chris Simon, and Aaron Wickenden. Work-in-progress directors Yuri Makino, Beverly Seckinger, and Jonathan VanBallenberghe will show film clips and discuss their filmmaking process. Makino will speak about making a film in collaboration with scientists. Seckinger, joined by her Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated editor Jim Klein, will discuss how filmmakers work with editors to shape their films. VanBallenberghe will cover what it’s like shooting in unique environments (an Inupiat community).

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