Tucson Weekly 10.11.2017

Better Late Than Never: 1968 Film Makes World Premiere

Filmmaker Jere Michael, who had never shown the film anywhere, approached the University of Arizona and was referred to the Hanson Film Institute, where Director Vicky Westover was struck by how much this film needed to be shown. And so it is that ‘Off the Street’, a film from almost 50 years ago, is making its world premiere next week right here in Tucson.

Arizona Alumni Magazine, Spring 2017

Enter the Future: The World of Virtual Reality VFX Industry Alumni

In “War for the Planet of the Apes,” the movements of human actors are directly translated to computer-generated apes. The result is an astonishing realism — and a point of pride for Sheldon Smith ’09, who worked on the film as a VFX coordinator. Like many UA alumni in the industry, Smith got a career boost from the Hanson Film Institute — and some lucky timing. While studying media arts, he had an institute internship that was established by John Kilkenny ’09, president of special effects at 20th Century Fox and a member of the Institute’s Industry Council.