WHERE’S THE MONEY? How to Finance an Independent Film

Fri, Dec 4, 2015, 4pm-5:30pm /  Free
Center for Creative Photography on the UA Campus

Have you dreamed of making a TV show or film but don’t know how to finance it?  Here’s your chance to learn how.  Inside Track’s latest panel discussion, WHERE’S THE MONEY? How to Finance an Independent Film, will inform you and guide you through the process of making your project possible.

This Inside Track panel brings together top industry professionals who are at the forefront of film financing.  Two of them are University of Arizona alums.  All of them are expert at finding the money for film financing, using all types of domestic and foreign resources.  They know where the money is hiding, and how to get it committed to a film budget.  For more details on the panelists, click here.

WHERE’S THE MONEY? has a very special added attraction.  You can enter a contest to win a brainstorming session by the panelists on how to finance your film/TV project.  It can be an imagined project or something you’re really working on.  The winner will be announced at the panel and he/she will be invited to the panel table for the expert financing session.  Two runners-up will win the chance to meet one-on-one with a panelist to talk about their project. Go here for details and information on how to enter.

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